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The return of Grunge. We'll Be Detectives debut EP.

The resurgence of genres like indie, alt rock and grunge is loud and clear! One band that is making that noise is We'll Be Detectives, their debut EP oozes nostalgia of a time when these genres were rife!

We all know the greats of grunge- Nirvana and Soundgarden, and the alternative rock gods like Radiohead. We all love them as much today as when they first hit the scene.

Finally bands that resonate in the same way are resurging once more! Pop may still be mainstream but music fans are coming together in their masses to support these bands, from the independents to those signed to major labels - the scene is strong.

One such band is We'll Be Detectives and they're about to release their phenomenal debut E.P 'Strange Illusion' due out on July 5th. It's certainly difficult to pin it to one particular genre, but they sound like grunge, alt rock of old. It's like they've been genetically engineered, they're architects of their own genre!

Tracks like 'Cherry Red' give you a good old throw around, and from beginning to end the rest of the record has you up and down. It's 90's, it's nuanced, it's old and it's new. It grabs you straight away and doesn't let you go. These guys are exceptional live and have all of the right ingredients to make the long run!

It's bands like this that give us hope for the genres that only a few years back seemed to be on their last legs, but they're back in their masses and are here to stay. Check this one out first and don't stop there!

Strange Illusion will be available to stream on all major platforms from July 5th and physical copies will be for sale on the New Black Records store. Enjoy!

Daniel Farrow - Founder of New Black Records LTD.

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